Who May Sing at the Auditions?

Any student studying with a current GA NATS member, and for whom a category has been created. Elementary and Middle school students do not have categories. See the Auditions Regulations for more information.

Who may adjudicate at the Auditions ?

If you are a current member of GaNATS sending students to the Auditions, you are required to adjudicate at the Auditions, or to arrange for an approved substitute. Other members of GaNATS are encouraged to adjudicate at the Auditions, and any active member of NATS may serve as an adjudicator at this event.

How are the Auditions adjudicated?

You’ll be singing for a panel of adjudicators, who will give you written feedback, and (unless you are singing for comments only) give you a score that may qualify you for run-offs or final awards. Categories with a large number of singers participating are split, and run-offs may occur to determine final awards in these categories. See the Georgia NATS Student Audition Regulations for additional details.

Do I need a formal outfit for any part of the Auditions?

No. Dress nicely, as you would for a singing audition. We recommend wearing something dressier than jeans and flip-flops, but less dressy than gowns and tuxes. Theater singers: there is no need to wear all black, unless you wish to; this is a good chance to show your personal style. There is no need for props or costumes in any category. There is no need to change wardrobe should you be selected for the Winners Recital; day-audition attire is still expected. If in doubt, think conservative. You are encouraged to check your outfit with your teacher before the date of the event, especially if you have any questions about what is appropriate.

Are there any money prizes?

At the Auditions, the main focus is on singing for adjudication, to get comments and feedback, and to share your singing with others in attendance. Certificates are awarded, along with small cash awards, to award winners in all categories except the one designated for comments only.

I’m a young artist, semi-professional singer, aspiring professional singer, or professional teacher-singer; are there opportunities for me at these Auditions, or at other NATS events?

The NATS Artist Award (NATSAA) auditions, run biannually, are more appropriate. Work with your teacher to determine the best option.

I have graduated from high school and continued to study voice. Do I count my high school years of study for my application?

No. “First Year College/Independent Studio Men/Women” refers to first year after graduating high school. Only count the number of years of study beyond high school.

How is age determined for the Auditions?

It’s the age the singer will be on the date of the first day of the Auditions.

I’ve studied with more than one teacher; do I need to list both, or count my training time with both?

It’s important to NATS members that recent previous teachers be acknowledged. Previous teachers should be listed if the student last studied with them within the last eight months. Students who have not studied with their current teacher for eight months may only participate if they give credit to both teachers by listing them both on the registration forms and, if applicable, in the introductions at the conclusion of the Final Round. If you have studied in the past eight months with a second teacher who is not a member of NATS, or you’re not sure if they are a member, list and count them as if they are a member.

When calculating voice studies, do I count time studying music theater separately from classical studies?

No, count the total time you’ve studied voice in general, as requested for your classification.

Is it possible to sing in both the music theater and a classical category?

Absolutely. Fill out a separate student registration form for each category, and pay the fees for registration (and for staff accompanist if desired) for each category.