Teacher's Questions

Why should I attend this event?

Both for your students’ experience and for your own, in terms of the Auditions themselves. The preliminary and final rounds offer not only the chance for you and your students to participate in Auditions, but also to hear new repertoire and a wide range of singers, from beginning through advanced singers. The GaNATS audition weekend also includes business and social meetings for teachers, and by attending these you can not only network, but also be represented in the function and running of the Chapter.

I am a teacher who wants to send students but cannot attend the Auditions. What should I do?

You need to find someone to serve as a Substitute Adjudicator. Substitutes must be current NATS members but cannot be members who will have any of their own students participating in the Auditions. Contact the Auditions Chair (registrar) if you cannot attend and need to arrange for a substitute; it is not the Audition Chair’s responsibility to find a substitute but he or she may be aware of someone who is available.

Does a substitute adjudicator need to be a member of GaNATS?

A local member is preferred, but any member of NATS may serve as an adjudicator.

I have located a substitute adjudicator. Is it my responsibility to pay any of the substitute’s expenses?

It is expected that you will at least pay the registration fees for your substitute, and if they would not have been attending otherwise, it would be courteous to also pay or at least offset their additional travel and/or lodging expenses. You should work this out with your substitute prior to the Auditions.

I have some students who are younger than high-school age; may they sing at the Auditions?

Unfortunately, there are currently no categories in Georgia NATS to serve students younger than high school age. A student must be in at least 9th grade to participate regardless of their age.