SERNATS Summer Program Auditions

What are the Summer Program Auditions?
The Summer Program Auditions provide students of Southeastern Region NATS members the opportunity to perform a single audition for representatives of several different programs at a location within their own region without incurring travel, application costs, and pianist fees associated with attending multiple auditions. Each student will sing one selection.


WHEN: Thursday, November 21, 2019. Auditions will be open from 3:00-9:00 PM, and students will be assigned a 5-minute time slot. Students should arrive at the audition ready to sing 15 minutes before their scheduled time slot.

WHERE: Clayton State University, Morrow, GA (Music Education Building, Choral Rehearsal Hall—MEB 157)

FEES: $25, which includes a collaborative pianist. Students may bring their own pianist if they choose.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Registration is now open and the deadline is November 4, 2019 by 11:59 PM.

REGISTRATION DETAILS: Teachers must register students through the membership portal at Detailed instructions below.

MATERIALS: To be uploaded separately via a Google Form by November 11, 2019. Reminders will be sent via student email address.
• Headshot in PDF or JPG form
• Performance Resume in PDF or DOC form
• A PDF of your music, with any cuts clearly marked.

TEACHER COMMITMENT: Teachers DO NOT PAY a fee to enter students and NEED NOT ATTEND the auditions.

Registration must be entered electronically by November 4, 2019 at 11:59 PM and is offered only to SER NATS members through the NATS national website’s Auditionware system. New members to the Southeastern Region should apply or renew their membership on October 1st. Access to the membership portal of the NATS website will be granted as the membership is processed- a few days for existing NATS members and approximately a week for new NATS members.

Teacher responsibility:

1. Go to

2. Sign in to the membership portal with “Member Login”

3. Click the NATS AUDITION REGISTRATION button once in the portal.

4.*This step is imperative!* Select “SERNATS SPA” from the pull down menu marked “Your Chapter” in the upper left-hand corner of the page once in Auditionware.

5. Follow the instructions of registration keeping the following points in mind.

a. Teachers do not need to attend this event. There will be no judging duties. The system WILL allow you to say you are not coming and you do not need to fill in substitute judge information.

b. Teachers do not need to fill in previous teacher information.

c. Teachers will not be charged a fee. The only fee is $25 per student registration, which includes a pianist.

d. Students may use their own pianist if they would like. Please enter the pianist into the registration or choose STAFF PIANIST to use the pianist provided.

6. Before paying for the registration, please be sure that the amounts are correct. No fees for teachers and $25 per student registration.

7. *Georgia Chapter members: Please be sure NOT to register your students for GA NATS auditions while in the “Southeastern Region”. Double check before paying that the buttons that appear for “My Registration” have the correct name of the competition listed for each: either “My Registration: Georgia- Fall 2019” or “My Registration: Southeastern – SER NATS SPA Fall 2019.”

Student responsibility: 1. Submit head shot, performance résumé, and music through the google form. The materials will be shared electronically with the program representatives for their reference in recruiting students. Materials are due by November 11, 2019 at 5:00 PM.

Students who do not submit forms will still be permitted to audition, but the programs will have limited access to their contact information. Reminders to complete the form will be sent via email to students who have registered.

If you encounter issues with either the registration or the google form, please contact Elizabeth Johnson Knight at